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About Game Music Festival

The 2nd Game Music Festival

Assassin's Creed II, Journey, Abzu, The Banner Saga, ICO, The Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian and Hitman – the music from these series will be performed live in Wroclaw, Poland, during a two-day festival fully devoted to the music and sound of the gaming industry.

Two days, three concerts, workshops, meetings with composers, and panel discussions. The details of the second edition of the Game Music Festival ( in Wroclaw, Poland, have been unveiled. The Game Music Festival will be a unique event – the soundtracks of video games finally receive a serious festival. During the 18thand 19th of October 2019, a total of several hundred musicians will appear on the stage of the National Forum of Music.

The very first concert on this year’s Festival - The Symphony of the Desert - consists of contrasts. The subtle and timeless symphonic suites of Journey and of Abzû confronts with cold and austere suite telling the tale of northern lands in The Banner Saga. The music composed by Austin Wintory adds great value to all of these three games, as it narrates their stories and paints their worlds with colors. Close your eyes and let the Sound Factory Orchestra take you with them through the sand, the sea depths and through the snow. Because of this event Austin Wintory will be there with us listening to these soundtracks, performed in the best quality possible.

The Symphony of the Colossus is a unique concert dedicated to the music of ICO, The Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian, rich in monumental and at the same time delicate melodies. Each suite you will be presented with during this concert is a piece of art and magic. They tell an epic story of mysterious creatures, poignant friendships and great worlds waiting for you to discover them through… music. Let yourself get carried away by the stories told by the notes of Japanese composers: Michiru Ōshima, Kow Otani and Takeshi Furukawa.
The games by Fumito Ueda present moving stories. Music accompanies the main heroes in their loneliness and struggle with the overwhelming circumstances of their fate. The vastness of abandoned fairy-tale worlds and extraordinary relationships between the characters of the games will be heard in the unique concert The Shadow of the Colossus.
An exquisite adventure lead by maestro Robert Kurdybacha and musicians from Sound Factory Orchestra at the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw is a thing you cannot miss.

It has been 10 years already since the great Assassin’s Creed II was released and almost 20 since we saw the first Hitman game. Profound and astonishing soundtracks from both of these games will show you two worlds that might seem entirely different, but in fact, have a lot in common. Assassin's Creed II is definitely one of the best game from the series. A clever combination of Renaissance sound, church music and symphony orchestra, makes the soundtrack does not cease to surprise (never ceases to surprise), thereby perfectly introducing us to the world of Ezio.
The Symphony of the Shadows will be a combination of music accompanying assassins, Ezio Auditiore from Assassin's Creed II and Agent 47 from the Hitman series. The author of these unique soundtracks is Jesper Kyd, will attend the Game Music Festival himself to experience this wonderful event!
These two powerful suites will be performed live by 120 musicians in total, the full NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, and a choir.

The Game Music Festival is produced by the team of The organizers say that the idea of the festival is not only to give fans the opportunity to enjoy live music form their favorite games in acoustic versions but also to gather composers and audio professionals of the video game industry. They want to create a common space for workshops, lectures, and discussions:“We focus on the highest artistic quality, that is why we decided to cooperate with the National Forum of Music which has one of the best philharmonic halls the worldin terms of sheeracoustics. Thanks to this, we can provide the performances without any electronic amplification. We really want the festival to bealso aneducational event, where fans canget acquainted with the process of making music for games. Furthermore, we want GMF to be of a forum for meetings of experts, sound designers, and composers working in the gaming industry” – say the organizers.

The venue:
The Witold Lutoslawski National Forum of Music (NFM) is an impressive edifice located in Wroclaw, Poland. The perfect acoustics of its concert halls put it among the very best objects of its kind in the world. Moreover, the concert halls have innovative systems for programming acoustics, including the shifting ceiling in the main concert hall and an air margin encircling it, allowing to control the length of reverberation.

The artists:
The music will be played by The National Forum of Music Orchestra and Sound Factory Orchestra. The NFM Orchestra was founded in 1945, and since then it has been delivering dozens of unique projects, also promoting Polish music around the world. Sound Factory Orchestra is a multimedia project that was created in 2009. Its mission is to promote and popularize projects related to contemporary art, primarily in the field of music and visual arts. Beside the NFM Orchestra and Sound Factory Orchestra there will be more performers on the Festival’s stage, including the NFM Choir.

The score:
Unique musical scores were written for all four concerts of the Festival. They were created by several composers and arrangers, including Jan Sanejko, Aruto Matsumoto, and Robert Kurdybacha – all of them being brilliant and very talented composers.

We are a group of individuals passionate about the music of video games. Our team works at which has been one of the most active and comprehensive portals dedicated to game audio for over 13 years now. We are based in Poland, but our mission spreads internationally. Our activities include soundtrack reviews, interviews with composers, organization of events, workshops, and discussion panels. We also run gamemusic records, a label releasing game music on vinyls.