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Pastora Galvan

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About Pastora Galvan

Pastora Galván - world famous flamenco dancer will come to Poland!

As a daughter of José Galván, a dancer and flamenco teacher, Pastor has a flamenco in her blood. While studying Spanish dance at the Conservatory in Seville, she performed on stage with professional ensembles, thus shaping her own modern dance style, which is inspired by the work of her brother Israel. It is her brother who creates individual choreographies for her, which fascinate all lovers of this wonderful dance. With her dynamism, charm and softness of movements she quickly won her fans, thus gaining world fame. Pastor has performed in Cuba, Japan and the United States. He will come to Poland with brilliant guitarist Juan Ramirez and singer Cristina Tovar.

What flamenco is?

Flamenco can be described as a cultural phenomenon occurring in Spain, which is associated with the folklore of the Andalusian Gypsies. Flamenco can be expressed by music, dance, singing or a combination of all the components. Flamenco singing (cante) is extremely expressive, expressing various emotional states, such as joy, sadness, regret. An indispensable element of flamenco music (toque) is the guitar, which is enriched by the sounds of rhythm applauded by hands. Dance (baile) is the most spectacular element that emphasizes the meaning of words and the character of the accompanying melody.

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The shows will take place:

• 21/09/19 - Sala Koncertowa PJATK, Warsaw
• 22/09/19 - Sala Koncertowa PJATK, Warsaw
• 23/09/19 - Filharmonia im. H. Wieniawskiego, Lublin