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About Sorry Boys

Absolutely, absolutely you'll love this band if you don't know it yet. Sorry Boys is a Warsaw-based band founded in 2006 by Tomasz Dąbrowski (guitar) and Piotr Blak (guitar/keyboard instruments). Soon after the start of the activity, the duo was joined by the phenomenal Bela Komoszyńska, who with her emotional vocals makes the body appear goose bumps. In 2008, their song "Winter" was featured on the compilation "Minimax" released in a series produced by the radio presenter Piotr Kaczkowski. In autumn 2010 the band released their debut album "Hard Working Classes", three years later they recorded the album "Vulcano", whose songs brought them to the 26th place on the OLiS list. It was also an album with the first song sung in Polish. The next album appeared in 2016. The album entitled "Roma", containing the hit single "Wracam", brought the band a nomination for Fryderyk and many new fans, who came to all performances in large numbers. The year 2019 resulted in the fourth studio album "Miłość", which features hits such as "Absolutnie, absolutnie" and "Jesteś pragnieniem". We are eagerly awaiting further musical gems from Sorry Boys.

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• 11/10/19 - Pod Palmą, Rzeszow
• 21/11/19 - Klub Wytwórnia, Lodz
• 22/11/19 - Klub Kwadrat, Krakow
• 30/11/19 - Klub Tama, Poznan
• 07/12/19 - Klub Parlament, Gdansk
• 08/12/19 - Palladium, Warsaw