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About Wielka Fabryka Elfów

The magic of Christmas is in everyone of us. Although we - the big ones - stopped believing in Santa Claus a long time ago, there is nothing more charming than a child who, with sparks in his eyes, looks forward to the appearance of a bearded fat man in red costume and with a big bag of presents on his back on Christmas Eve. As parents or guardians, we want to keep our kid in the blissful ignorance of his existence for as long as possible. Although Christmas is becoming more and more commercialized every year, and all the preparations for Christmas Eve supper are not easy for us, we can easily convince our children that Santa Claus exists and prepares for his annual journey.

We invite all children to a wonderful pre-Christmas adventure in the Wielka Fabryka Elfów! Santa Claus has three factories in which his best helpers work hard to make sure that all children receive great gifts on time. Gdansk:

In AmberExpo in Gdańsk, the Elf Guide will show children around the inaccessible corners of the Great Factory. During this journey, the little guests will visit ten points of interest with unique attractions. There will also be physical activity, arcade games, puzzles and educational tasks. Children will be able to help Elves with their Christmas preparations and their main task will be to learn about the Eighth Legend of the Wielka Fabryka Elfów. The visit will be crowned with a meeting with Santa Claus, who will listen to children wishes and give a little gift.


Christmas are coming, and here is quiet... What happened?! In all the pre-Christmas confusion, Elf Composer, creating a new musical toy, scattered notes and doesn't remember their composition! Without it, the musicians won't play the Christmas melody... Let's help them find the notes to save Christmas! During the two-hour play, children will have the task of finding the missing notes. In addition, there are many attractions, games and puzzles waiting for them. At the end of the visit, each toddler will receive an Elfa Helper Diploma and a gadget from the Factory. Of course, there will also be Santa Claus, who will be able to personally thank the brave helpers for saving Christmas.


Oh, no! Santa Claus accidentally drank the Anti-Holiday Elixir and cancels Christmas! He's gloomy and doesn't want to give gifts... We have to help him get his Christmas mood back! For this purpose, guests must find the ingredients for the preparation of the Elixir of the Christmas Mood to disenchant Santa. During the game, children will be able to enjoy various attractions, during which they will be able to, among others to write a letter to Santa Claus. When the Elixir of the Christmas is prepared and Santa Claus regains his humor, he will ask each child individually to thank for his care and restored the magic of Christmas. More informations:

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Santa Claus will visit his factories in Poland until 22 December 2019:

• Gdansk - AmberExpo
• Warsaw - PGE Narodowy
• Katowice - Fabryka Porcelany